The monitoring and control over the condition of the atmospheric air is carried out by the specialist of the Municipality of Dobrich, RIPCHP Dobrich, and RIEW-Varna. In the period after 1989 there is a significant reduction in air pollutant emissions and improved air quality in populated areas. The direct control over the condition and operation of the sites with sources of emissions in the atmospheric air, over the operation of the treatment facilities and over the emissions from the separate sources is carried out by the municipal bodies in accordance with art. 19 of the SAA.



The territory of the municipality is poor in water resources, which occupy only 0.19% of the total area, compared to the national average of 2%. And this is due to geological and geographical factors. The water resources on the territory of Dobrich municipality include the main types of water sources: mainly groundwater and less rivers. Groundwater is an important link in the water balance of the region. The hydrogeographic situation is determined by Odrintsi Dam with 3 million cubic meters of water and 10 small micro-dams with 1.1 million cubic meters of water and Batovska River. The valley of the river Suha passes through the territory of the municipality in a south-north direction. For the most part there is a wide river bed filled with alluvial materials and steep slopes. The main tributaries are Batovsko, Lyaskovsko and Bogdanovsko dry ravines. Their water regime is determined by rainwater and snowmelt. The Suha River is also the recipient of the domestic wastewater of the town of Dobrich after their treatment in the WWTP - Vrachanitsi. The groundwater is located in two horizons, which are used for water supply of the settlements of the municipality:
- shallow aquifer / Sarmatian / with water depth from the surface of 30-85 m.
- second aquifer / Valangski /, through deep drilling wells from 500 to 1300 m.


Drinking water supply is provided by underground water sources through 16 separately operating pumping stations. The main water sources are deep boreholes and a small number of catchments, which are quite sufficient as a flow rate for the normal water supply in the settlements. In the town halls are built 69 underground reservoirs with a total capacity of 12,030 cubic meters and three tower reservoirs - Stozher, P. Geshanovo and in the area of ​​Sheveli Mogila, with a total volume of 335 cubic meters of water. The total length of the water supply system in the municipality is 765 km, of which the external water supply network is 440 km and the internal - 325 km, built of asbestos cement pipes. The waters are of microbial purity and can be used for drinking purposes without purification. For the period 1995-2005 all water sources from the municipality were monitored. The average daily amount of water per inhabitant of the municipality is 70 liters.


There are no sewerage systems for domestic wastewater in the settlements in the municipality. In the village of Vrachantsi there is a WWTP-Dobrich. WWTP - Dobrich is managed by ViK OOD, Dobrich, which is located in the village of Vrachantsi and treats wastewater from the sewerage system only in Dobrich.


Не е правен анализ на звуковото налягане в населените места, но може да се твърди, че не се надвишават пределно допустимите норми.


On the territory of the municipality was carried out radiation control by RIEW-Varna, soil samples and potential contaminants in the villages of Stojer, Svoboda, Karapelit, which obtained the following results:

Checkpoint Uranium  238 Bg/kg Radium 226 Bg/kg Thorium 232 Bg/kg Potassium 40 Bg/kg Cesium   Bg/kg
1 Stojer 34+5 37+5 45+2 603+55 25+1.2
2 Svoboda 27+6 33+5 37+2 593+54 24+1
3 Karapelit 37+2 37+3 34+1 553+45 25+1


Green areas in settlements are divided into:
-Area of ​​wide public use and include: parks, gardens and street plantings. The parks and gardens in the municipality are 492 decares, of which trees and bushes - 162 decares. The most common tree species are Tilia argentea, Fraxsinus oxycarpa, Pinus nigra, Aesculus Hippo castanum, Betula alba.
- Areas for limited use - include the yards of kindergartens, schools, cooperatives, yards of health services and represent a forested area - 430 decares. The tree species Cercis silicuastrum, Platanus orientalis, Picea abies predominate.
In connection with the felling of tree species in the settlements, compensatory landscaping has been carried out in the villages of Stefanovo, M. Smolnitsa,
Kotlentsi, Plachidol, Colonel Minkovo, Svoboda.


On the territory of the municipality of Dobrich the following protected territories have been declared under the Protected Areas Act / promulgated SG No. 133: / 1998. with mod. and additional /:
-protected area "Orlova Mogila", declared by Order ДRD-819 / 23.08.2002 of the Ministry of Environment and Water, with an area of ​​413,354 decares. forests in South Dobrogea;
- part of the protected area "Suha Reka", declared by Order №RD-538 / 12.07.2007 / promulgated SG No. 68 / 21.08.2007 / of the Ministry of Environment and Water, with a total area of ​​23079.176 decares. It falls within the lands of the village of Dryanovets - 941,328 decares, the village of Vodnyantsi - 791,311 decares, the village of Hitovo - 752,864 decares, the village of Zhit
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